Get Your Patients Committed to their Health
Double Your Healing Power
Bowen Meridian Medicine (40 hours)
Nutrition & Bowen (40 hours)
Functional Muscle Anatomy (94 hours)
Anatomy & Physiology (160 hours)
LISTEN: The Intelligent Healing Program /Your Body Mind Reboot Live (14 hours)
Reboot Your Body Home Study Program (14 hours)
Innate Healing
First Healing Accelerator Workshop Complete
Second Healing Accelerator Workshop Complete
Third Healing Accelerator Workshop Complete
Review, Integration & Exam (can be in 3rd HA)
Reboot /Level 100 Basic Bowen Live (7 hours)
20 Practicum Packages (Case Studies 3+ visits per case study), 30-60 hours
3 supervised Bowen Therapy Sessions, 6 hours
Preceptorship with a Certified Bowen Health Therapist involving a minimum 6 patients, 10 hours
CPR Certificate Level C / First Aid Certificate
1 Professional Recommendation Letter
1 Personal Character Reference Letter from someone who you know but isn't a family member
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